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Who is TransferMate?

TransferMate is a market leading, globally regulated, payments technology company, enabling users to send cross-border payments faster and easier than ever before.

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Why use TransferMate?

TransferMate is an easy to use online payment solution for the education sector. The service offers a secure and fast way to send payments globally at competitive rates. The system allows international payments to be made via local banking networks where transfers can be made in sender's own currency.

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What Customer Support do you offer?

Our Customer Service team are available 24/5 Monday to Friday and at weekends. For all enquires the fastest way to get help is through our Live Chat Box or send your queries to

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How can I pay using TransferMate?

Once you follow the registration steps you will be provided with detailed Payment Instructions.   As the rate provided is valid for 48 hours only you must transfer your funds as soon as possible.

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Do I need to provide any documents?

Our Customer Service Team will contact you if supporting documents are required. There is no need to send documents unless requested by us.

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Can a family member pay on my behalf?

Yes, this is possible however some identification documents may be required. Our Customer Service Team will contact you if documents are required. Please be advised that some restrictions apply if you are paying from India or China.

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Will I be charged for using this service?

TransferMate does not charge a fee for cross currency transactions. You may be charged by your bank for making a local transaction and this is unfortunately out of TransferMate's control. TransferMate may apply a fee for same currency transactions.

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How long does it take for the institution to receive my payment?

Once TransferMate receives your funds, your funds are transferred to the institution without delay, usually within 48 hours (excluding weekends).

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What is the status of my payment?

To check the status of your payment, you can log in to your TransferMate online account and in the Payment History section you can check the status of your payment by clicking on each booking.

Status Explanation Registered: You have successfully registered and TransferMate is awaiting your funds Pending: Funds have been received by TransferMate and your payment is being processed Paid: TransferMate has sent the funds to your institution Inactive: The booking is no longer active as TransferMate has received a cancellation request from you, or funds have not been received within the agreed timeframe.

If your payment status has not changed for 3 working days after you have sent the funds to us, please request proof of payment from your bank (bank receipt and SWIFT MT103 when available) and send it to us at and our Customer Service Team can check for an update.

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How will I know if the payment is successful?

A payment notification will be emailed to you confirming your payment has been sent by Transfermate to the Institution.

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Can you provide me with a receipt for the payment?

Transfermate will email a payment notification confirming your funds have been transferred to the Institution.  If you require a receipt that your fees have been paid then please contact your institution.

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How long does it take to process my refund?

Refunds are processed as soon as possible.

However in some instances proof of payment is required (confirming the full account name and number) to process your refund. Our Customer Service Team will contact you if this is the case. Proof of payment must be submitted to Transfermate within 5 working days, or the funds will be returned to the institution.

Please note that some refunds depending on the payment method may take up to 15 working days to credit back to your account.

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What is a 1098-T Form?

Form 1098-T Tuition Statement, is a one-page tax form filled by eligible education institutions. The institution must complete a form for every student that is currently enrolled and paying qualifying tuition and related expenses. A copy of the form is kept for records or sent to the student by the institution therefore if you require a copy, please contact your institution.

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How do I cancel a payment?

If you want to cancel your payment, please contact Customer Service Team as soon as possible at

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My card was declined

If you have sufficient funds and you have entered your card details correctly, please check with your card provider if there are any restrictions or limits to your card payments.

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I am being advised that I already have an account

When you first register with TransferMate a link to your account is emailed to you. You can access your account using this link.

If you do not have the email then please contact your institution.

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I can not remember my password for my account

If you don't remember it, please use the "Forgot your Password" option to reset it.

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